Take me to Heaven. Take me to God.

“Will you take me to Heaven where the angels sing? Will you show me the Uncreated Light that burns for all eternity? I want to see the Tree that feeds life itself with each succulent fruit. I want to walk in the mist of the day and revel in the all consuming peace that never fades. Will you take me to Heaven where pain is a myth and death a legend of old? Will I finally see all God’s creation and marvel at each atom’s perfect alignment forming a complex dance of matter? Will you take me to God so I can see the perfection my heart has whispered of since I was born?

I want to see my Lord as He truly is so I can cry out for redemption. Will you take me to God so I can breath clean air for the first time? All these sins that I know and the oh so many that are hidden dry up and die in His sight. I have known love and loved a great deal before. The love of a mother who carries her child for months and raises her boy through self-sacrifice and devotion. The love of friends who form a bond of brotherhood, unbreakable and ready to defend against the day’s troubles. The love of a lover whose blissful gaze brings warmth and joy to the heart of her man. A mysterious and powerful love that brings a man and woman so close together their souls dance and intertwine, mingled for the rest of their lives.

Such loves are so great only God could have created them, but I want to see a greater love still. So will you take me to Heaven so I can see God? I wish to see the One who considered my existence before time began, Who looked upon all my filthy trespasses that I would one day commit against Him and still determined that I would be a beneficiary of His atoning death for all mankind. No love I have known has exceeded such depths or heights. Take me from my pain, my pride and my temporal satisfactions. Take me to Heaven so I may see God.”

-CL Fuqua

Published by clfuqua87

Old soul with stories to tell.

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