Lying dead awake in the cold seclusion of the tomb

The perverse inverse of the innocence in the womb

How long has it been, Lord?

How much more time can I afford?

Didn’t I deny you when I was living my life in times past?

When the faith of my fathers was considered only last

Is there hope to be found in the grave where all life withers?

Surely life must stay dead when death has come hither

Dancing around my field of vision are the wisps of memory

I am losing myself like an internal wound slowly hemorrhaging

My sanity is a fond remembrance slowly fading as I keep sinking

This process of death has no real resolution, just infinite unthinking

Who can rescue a soul in the state mine is in?

And not only the soul but the body its housed within?

It has rotted and the flesh is falling off the brittle bone

More dust now than man I’m becoming more and more alone

But there is hope yet even in the icy embrace of death

A voice shouting out words fiery and alive with breath

Please stitch the fragments of my spirit back together

Uncreated Light cauterizing my wounds shut forever

A new creation gasps for air being pulled True North

As the voice of the God-Man shouts “Lazarus, come forth!”

-CL Fuqua

Published by clfuqua87

Old soul with stories to tell.

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