To far greener lands I go

It is to far greener lands that I go

Away from all that I think I know

To the lands only hinted of in my purest of dreams

Where death is forgotten and all is just as it seems

I will travel light not bringing anything of my past

I only need a view of new horizons infinitely vast

The deadened brown of decay slowly gives way to lively fresh green

Around every curve in the road is a new adventure previously unseen

The sky is crystal clear and blue

Birds enchantingly sing on cue

They croon of new possibilities for me just up ahead

Of sins and regrets discarded for new life instead

It is to these far greener lands that I go

I renounce all that I have come to know

My industrious wisdom and its cynicism are naught

By the light of life and nature shall I be taught

If life will have me as a humble pilgrim in its land

I will serve it faithfully until the end as best I can

I see clouds so smoothly curved and white

Painted perfectly by God with no end in sight

Light shimmers in crystalline patterns through the tears in my eyes

Visions so beautiful it seems unreal and yet here there dwell no lies

I am walking onward to these lands of emerald joy

I will leave behind the man I am and become a boy

In the innocence of my youth I held these lands in my heart

But corruption and pride slowly tore me and the lands apart

I go now and I go for good

I go just as all boys should

It is to far greener lands that I go

Away from all that I think I know

-CL Fuqua

Published by clfuqua87

Old soul with stories to tell.

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