The Land

I approach your dwelling oh so cautiously while still holding back

You beckoned with promises of living forever and ever without lack

So beautiful is the land you inhabit, warm and full of life

Can I really count myself here among those with no strife?

If you don’t mind may I bleed on your fields of flowers just a bit?

I haven’t healed quite yet and with time I hope to be re-knit

This pristine land with its mountains is so pure and perfect I feel I don’t belong

Yet you tell me come closer still while it is what my soul has wanted for so long

If you let me be imperfect for now I promise I will try to be like you in time

I am stumbling in this daylit harmony after a lifetime in darkness without rhyme

I want you to see me in all my ugly glory, the king upon a throne of shame

I want to be known for my true self yet rise from the waters with a new name

There are hauntings still from the ghosts of my gloomy past

If you hadn’t come the day you did it may have been my last

Yet here I am on my knees surrounded by wild flowers and wind flowing gently on face

May I please weep for I feel the symphony of existence erasing my sins leaving no trace

Do I belong do I belong?

Am I wrong am I wrong?

Let me just lay here among the creatures of the field

I’ll awake to find my bloody wounds have been healed

-CL Fuqua

Published by clfuqua87

Old soul with stories to tell.

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