Christ & Cthulhu podcast

For those who may be unaware I host a podcast called “Christ and Cthulhu” which focuses on the literature of HP Lovecraft, specifically his Cthulhu mythos. I take a unique approach to it as an Orthodox Christian and while it is not a “theological” show by any means as I’m not qualified, I try to show points of intersection or more often diametric opposition in Lovecraft’s fiction and Orthodox Christian teaching. I haven’t uploaded a new episode in the last few weeks as I’ve been someone sapped of motivation due to this extended quarantine. But I will probably be working on uploading the next episode within a week or so. If this sounds like something you may be interested in please tune in! It’s available pretty much wherever you listen to podcasts. Just search “Christ and Cthulhu” and if you enjoy please consider liking and sharing to increase the audience. I will continue writing for this blog as well because as long as there’s music there’s more to spill out of my soul and onto the page.

Published by clfuqua87

Old soul with stories to tell.

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