Between Lines

I can still smell your scent

Love you

Do not love you

Do not love you

Your eyes spectral and haunting

Hating you

Always hating you

Always hating you

Lips of a goddess sweet and cruel

From me

Stay away from me

Stay away from me

The voice singing softly to me


Burn forever

Burn forever

I can still smell your scent

Your eyes spectral and haunting

Lips of a goddess sweet and cruel

The voice singing softly to me


Trading bodies just to be somebody

Feeling up and down like a nobody

In the end I’m just me

Nothing if not un-free

Dancing through the smog of the pretty city

Laughing all the while feeling pretty shitty

Can you read between the lines of my sad story

Or did your eyes glaze over finding me boring

What’s it all about in the end

Finding someone to call a friend

Or true love with hands locked tight

Trying your best not to end in a fight

I’ve got no answers to life’s smallest questions

I’m always open to the very worst of suggestions

We’re all arm chair philosophers after all

So give me your ideas either big or small

I’ll mull it over as I lay wasting away on my death bed

Hoping my good outweighs what I shouldn’t have said

-CL Fuqua

Alexandra the Great

I’m building monuments to my Empress

Chiseling away the marbel to impress

Will the intoxicating brown eyes gaze upon me today

Leaving me in the warm light with nothing to say

Conquer the fortress of my solitary being

Show me your heart, something worth seeing

Closer and closer to each other we creep

But never touching as prudence we must keep

Disentangle the passion of those troublesome loves

Philia and Eros wrestling for control like rabid doves

We can figure it out one day at a time

Step until our steps begin to rhyme

-CL Fuqua


My sweet ballerina twirling in nothing

Dance for me until I feel something

I’d let you die for me bleeding out nice and slow

You love me enough but I’m just here for the show

People like you always think the best of me

Cause people like you are blind for all to see

“He’s just like me underneath all that black”

When I’m actually holding a supervillain back

World class misanthrope waiting to be set loose

The world’s over-sized but I’ve got the perfect noose

-CL Fuqua

Swallow the Horizon

All of humanity begins and ends feeling only desire

We want for food, shelter, water, crawling in the mire

We grope in endless black clinging to each other

Hoping for comfort only when not killing one another

Some refuse the abyss in favor of hard upward ascent

While others disbelieving in peaks elect for eternal descent

Who ends up gaining what their faith promises to grant?

Always between light or shade but do both leave us scant?

I was promised a Horizon just beyond the next want and need

A glorious TELOS waiting for me hidden humbly within a seed

I have traveled like the great Saint of old with the universe on my back

Gnarled and weighed down by the raging waters of ever-increasing lack

I found it in the end shining like a beacon to lost ships at sea

Neither up to the light or down in shade but straight ahead of me

Horizon glowing effervescent splitting the edge of ocean and sky

All that was left for my withered being was to simply lay down and die

When I awoke from death I stood up renewed and perplexed

The misery of my mortality was finally and completely vexed

I have swallowed the Horizon and now death is finally done

I have swallowed the Horizon and a new life has just begun

-CL Fuqua

The stars speak

I looked up into the night’s sky to derive meaning

I studied the constellations to divine any gleaning

They answered back in cold indifference

I was left an infinite cosmic vociferance

Nothing but my lung’s breath ascending before me

Vaporous fleeting in a prophetic and descending reverie

The dots of light in the sky hint of galaxies and worlds unknown

Each one more barren than the next- optimism lost its throne

What has become of this nous in my being?

The eye’s darkness is great indeed- unseeing

The stars speak to me in a language I knew from birth

The cursed speech of a slave-race chained to the earth

They tell me in all their celestial glory not to gaze on the cosmic seas

I could never dream in a billion lifetimes of being arrayed as one of these

O foolish man that I am searching for fiery hope in a tepid existence

Behold your futility as all life churns monotonously in bloody resistence

The stars speak

The stars speak

But do not seek

But do not seek

-CL Fuqua


Well here she comes again with her perfect hair and revised list

She’s got a new lecture for me every day but I already got the gist

Don’t worry boy she’s gonna teach you how to grow

Without her wisdom you wont have shit to show

If I had a dime for every girl trying to make me into a man

They think they know what it takes and show all they can

Here comes another femme-sage with advice as fickle as the wind

High n’ mighty till she’s puttin her clothes back on after our night of sin

It’s just another little woman tryin to make me a man

It’s just another little woman tryin to make me a man

They know what they’re supposed to desire

So they tell me what men are like, little liars

I show em what it’s really like and they can’t help but smile

They scold my darkness but after all end up staying a while

So wax on baby tellin and teachin me all you can

I’ll pretend to listen when I really don’t give a damn

It’s just another little woman tryin to make me a man

It’s just another little woman tryin to make me a man

It’s just another little woman tryin to make me a man

It’s just another little woman tryin to make me a man

-CL Fuqua

Blot Out The Sun

When the end comes will it be fire or flood?

Does death win or are we saved by God’s blood?

I’m beginning to care less and less who is right or wrong

I am starting to value might over thought, only the strong

I see animals disguised as humans destroying everything they can find

Who cares if you have the best logic when the subject has lost their mind?

I say we silence them with power

No more peace offerings and flowers

There’s glory in war and heroes in violence

So give them more until there’s only silence

They bring down monuments of the past

History is a subject for them far too vast

Therefore we will end their delusions of a future

Their remains fall apart as we tear out the suture

Leave them with nothing and no one

Empty in the dark, blot out the sun

-CL Fuqua

Dead On Arrival

I smiled as my blood poured out of me

The wounds gushing forth life effortlessly

The priest frantically sewing me together

Neverminding my body now light as a feather

My soul slowly leaving as the light of my eyes dies

I found the death’s truths easier to bear than life’s lies

So I gave up my ghost of my own accord

Existence had a toll I could no longer afford

Don’t try to follow for you will never again see my face

I left behind the pale parody in the casket without a trace

Did you ever love me as you claimed?

Will my memory only ever evoke shame?

I can hear my voice becoming more haunting as I sing

It echoes into the dark void as a despairingly tiny thing

You all worked so hard to secure my soul’s survival

But you didn’t know it was already dead on arrival

-CL Fuqua


We are all in the Ninth Circle.

The fat and flabby Satan, that devil of old

Beats his leathery wings of decrepitude

Summoning such a freezing blast of wind

Not even the wildest of fires within the heart can withstand.

Humanity together as one cohesive disease

We wallow in our own filth to the noxious stench

Of the Great Beast’s putrescent and matted fur.

Here we live and die eternally.

We exist perpetually in the frozen land of Hell’s non-being.

-CL Fuqua